How to clean the glass in a wood burning stove

How do you clean the glass in a wood burning stove?


If you’re enjoying the cosy atmosphere of that only a wood burner can provide, there’s nothing more frustrating that not being able to see the flames behind sooty glass! 


To keep the glass of your wood burner perfectly clear, here are a few ways to clean off the soot… but firstly, always wait until your wood burner is totally cold before you clean it, and avoid any harsh cleaners, strong chemicals or abrasive cloths which could damage the glass.



The quickest and easiest way to clean the glass on your stove is to use the ash from inside it! Dampen a piece of kitchen roll, newspaper or an old cloth, and dip it into the ash inside your stove. Use this damp ash to gently rub the inside of the glass, and you’ll see the soot begin to clear. Then wipe any remaining soot off with a fresh piece of kitchen roll, newspaper or an old cloth, and the glass will be gleaming in no time.


Specialist sprays

To clean your wood burner, you can also buy dedicated wood burning stove glass cleaner, or use a ceramic stove cleaning spray. These specialist glass cleaning products are designed to be safe to use on glass that gets very hot during use, and to cut through the sooty film effectively, so it’s not recommended that you use cleaning products which aren’t specially designed for this purpose.

Bicarbonate of soda

Another low-cost options to clean the glass in your wood burner is to use bicarbonate of soda. Mix a tablespoon of bicarb with a little water to form a cleaning paste, which can then be gently rubbed onto the glass, and wiped clean. Make sure to remove any remaining residue before using your stove again.


Why do wood burner screens get sooty?

You may notice black dust or soot on the glass of your wood burning stove when you’ve been burning wood with a higher moisture content. This is why we always recommend kiln-dried logs, so that you know you’re burning the best logs for your stove.


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