Kiln-Dried Logs

Kiln-dried logs


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Why buy wet wood when you can buy dry wood?

Kiln-dried logs are are becoming more popular due to their consistent low moisture content. Our logs are very high quality and ideal for woodburners and open fireplaces.

We deliver our kiln-dried logs in two trailer load sizes – these are referred to as a ‘single load’ or a ‘double load’.

  • Single load: £140 (approximately 1 cubic metre, loose stack)
  • Double load: £260 (approximately 2 cubic metres, loose stack)

For those with restricted storage space, we also offer conveniently-sized nets of logs.

Our small log nets measure 48 x 78cm, and contain approximately 12 logs.

  • Small net of logs: £10

Our minimum order size is 10 nets. If you’d like more information, please contact us at any time.

Pizza oven & firepits

Stock up on kiln-dried logs for your outdoor fire or barbeque


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Natural firelighters

Made from renewable, untreated wood shavings from 100% well-managed forests

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