How to store firewood logs




How to store firewood logs



Ordering logs in bulk certainly has its benefits; it’s cheaper, more convenient, and saves you running out of logs for your wood burner. But it does pose the question of how best to store your logs!


So once we’ve delivered your next batch of kiln-dried firewood logs to your door what’s the best way to keep your logs dry, clean and ready to burn?


Here are our top tips for the best firewood storage…



Stack it up


The best way to store your firewood supply is to neatly stack it in a log pile outside your home. While a pile of logs can look stunning next to a cosy fireplace, it’s safest to keep logs away from a fire source until use, and just bring in a small supply to keep you going as you need it.


Keep it dry


The best way to stack your pile is in neat rows of less than 1 metre high. A wooden pallet is a great way to keep your wood off the ground, and allow good air flow underneath it. Don’t forget to keep the sides open to allow air flow, too.


To stop any rain from getting to your logs, keep your logs under a shelter – an ideal location is a porch, shed, tarp-covered pallet or a dedicated log store.


Damp wood can lead to mould, fungus and poor burning potential, so keeping your logs dry is a must!


Avoid pests


No one wants to bring unwelcome creepy crawlies into the house with their logs! To avoid any hitchikers, we recommend keeping a soft brush next to your outdoor log pile, to give logs a quick once over before bringing them inside.




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