Is a wood burner a cost-effective way to heat your home?

Is a wood burner a cost-effective way to heat your home?

With fuel prices fluctuating, many people are looking for cheaper ways to keep their home warm this winter. We explain here how a wood burner can heat your entire home, so in this blog we’ll look at the cost effectiveness vs other methods for heating your home…

It’s good news – according to the Energy Saving Trust, a wood burner can reduce your home heating bill by up to 10%, with running costs around 1/3 of electric heating costs and 13% less than gas central heating!

While central heating does offer an instant convenience and even heating throughout your home that a wood burner simply can’t, it’s hard to beat the cosy atmosphere and intense heat given out from a wood burning stove! If you’re looking at installing a wood burner to heat your home, make sure you opt for a modern eco-friendly model to reduce any emissions, and choose a HETAS registered installer to ensure your new stove is safe to use for years to come.

As always, it’s essential to choose properly dried wood for your wood burner, to ensure that you’re getting the best heat output and the cleanest emissions. This is why we specialise in kiln-dried logs, since they’re the best fuel for your home fire.


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