What kind of wood is best for a pizza oven?

What kind of wood is best for a pizza oven (1)

What kind of wood is best for a pizza oven?

When cooking your own pizzas at home, the wood you choose for your pizza oven can make as much difference to the results as the toppings on your pizza!

To get an evenly-cooked pizza with a deliciously crispy crust, you’ll need to get your pizza oven really hot… and to get your oven up to the desired heat, you’ll need well-dried logs that burn without too much smoke.

Wood that isn’t dry enough will be harder to light, can take too long to heat up, and gives out more smoke – leaving you with a soggy pizza base and a sooty taste.

Treated wood is also definitely something to avoid in your pizza oven, so be sure to use a trusted supplier to avoid any nasty chemicals near your food.

This is why kiln-dried logs are the best type of wood to use in a pizza oven, as they’re quicker to light and burn hotter for longer – making that perfect pizza much easier to achieve!

How to start your wood fired pizza oven

Outdoor pizza ovens are becomingly increasingly popular, as more of us take the opportunity to enjoy al fresco cooking and dining in the comfort of our own garden.

Using a pizza oven can take practice, but after a few goes you’ll be a pizza pro – and will likely never go back to the indoor alternative once you’ve experienced the real deal!

The key to lighting a pizza oven successfully is building up the heat slowly and safely. Start with the pizza oven door and smoke vent open, and light a small pile of kindling in the centre of your oven, arranged in a pyramid shape. Be sure to wear fire-proof gloves when tending your fire.

Then, once the kindling starts to burn well, gradually add more logs, increasing the size of the logs as the fire grows.

Build your fire across the base of your pizza oven, to ensure an even distribution of heat. It usually takes around an hour to fully heat up a pizza oven.

Once your oven has reached your desired temperature (around 400°c) and the flames have died down, close the smoke vent to keep the heat in. Move the fire embers to the back of the oven, giving you a nice hot base to cook your pizza on.

Use a pizza peel to slide your pizza into the oven, and check frequently to see if it needs turning. A hot oven should cook a pizza in just a couple of minutes.

When the topping and base looked cooked to perfection, use the pizza peel to gently slide your pizza out, and tuck in… buon appetito!

How to get kiln-dried logs delivered in Bath

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To order, simply let us know how much you’d like, and we’ll deliver it straight to your door.

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