Wood burning stoves for canal boats

Wood burning stoves for canal boats


Here at A&C Logs, we don’t just sell logs for stoves in your home – we also serve customers looking to order logs for wood burners on their boats!

A wood burning stove is a cosy way to add heat and ambience to a canal boat on a chilly evening, and can be fuelled just like a regular wood burner.

More compact stoves like the popular Hobbit, Salamander and Penguin styles are often used on canal boats, as they fit well in a smaller spot without taking up too much precious floor space.

We supply 6-inch logs, ideal for the smaller Hobbit-style log burners, as well as 8-inch logs for slightly larger burners such as Penguins and Salamanders.

All wood burners should always be fitted and tested by a certified professional, and complete with a carbon monoxide alarm to ensure your safety.

We’d always recommend kiln-dried logs for all wood burning stoves – order our conveniently-sized nets of logs to make storing your logs easier in a smaller space!



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