Which type of firewood is best for my wood burning stove?

What kind of wood is best for a wood burning stove

Which type of firewood is best for my wood burning stove?


When you’re ordering firewood online, you may be wondering which type of logs are best for using in a wood burner.

The wood that you choose for your wood burning stove can dictate how easy your fire is to start, how much smoke it creates, how much build-up is left on your stove, and even the lifespan and safety of your stove and chimney, so it’s important to choose the right kind of wood for your home.

This is why we always recommend kiln-dried logs – this type of firewood has been specially seasoned to ensure that it’s properly dried and ready for your fireplace.


What are the benefits of kiln-dried logs?


Kiln-dried logs are an increasingly popular form of fuel for wood burning stoves, due to their low moisture content and high heat output. Put simply, you’ll get a hotter fire that’s easier to get going!

As well as being quicker to light, logs with a lower moisture content also ensure that you’re avoiding excess smoke and build up on your stove or flue – something that can occur with lower quality, wetter wood.


Where can I buy kiln-dried logs near Bath?


Here at A&C Logs, we’ve been supplying kiln dried firewood logs to homes and businesses in the Bath and Frome areas for many years.

We offer a home delivery service, so there’s no need to fill your car with a large load of logs; just let us know how much you’d like, and we’ll deliver it straight to your door.

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