What are kiln dried logs, and why are they better?

What are kiln dried logs, and why are they better?


A common question many customers ask us is ‘what are kiln dried logs’? When using wood for burning, the moisture content needs to be below 20% to get a good, clean burn, so drying is essential. Kiln dried logs are firewood logs that have been slowly dried in an industrial kiln, as an effective way to remove moisture from the wood. 

We always recommend kiln dried logs, and for good reason – as they’ve been thoroughly dried, they’re easier to light, and burn more efficiently with a better heat output. If you’ve ever noticed that the glass on your wood burning stoves turns black very quickly, this may means that the moisture content of your fuel is too high – whereas with kiln dried logs, the low moisture content means there shouldn’t be any excess soot building up inside your stove, as the natural logs burn cleanly.

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What’s the difference between kiln dried and seasoned logs?

Where kiln dried logs have been dried out using a kiln, seasoned logs have been left to air dry. This is a time consuming process, taking up to 2 years for the wood to be dry enough to be effective as firewood. Kiln dried wood is dried much more quickly, with the process taking around 4 to 6 days.

Kiln dried wood is generally more thoroughly and consistently dry due to the standardised process, whereas seasoned wood can still retain some moisture in places where the wood hasn’t been allowed to dry out enough.

Since wood drying kilns reaching around 70°c, kiln dried logs are also free from any mould, mildew or insects – something to consider when bringing firewood into your home!


Where can I order kiln dried logs online?

If you’re located in the Bath, Bristol or Frome area, you can order kiln dried logs online for delivery right here on our website. Just send us a message, or give us a call, and we’ll arrange your delivery as soon as possible. Easy! 

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